L-19 Lintel

eos system

The clear frame width dimensions of door openings according to current dimensions of window and door joinery, applied in common and residential construction:

  • single door: 710, 810, 910, 1010, 1110  mm,
  • double door: 1310, 1510 mm,
  • composite windows in common construction: 610, 910, 1210, 1510, 1810, 2210, 2410, 2710,
  • receiving windows and fanlights: 610, 710, 810, 910, 1210, 1410, 1510, 1710, 2700, 3000, 3300, 3600 mm.

No special lintel is produced for openings in clear frame width of 610 and 710 mm, because of too short span suitable for traditional bridging. For window openings of large width, the pillars and lintels are produced in a reinforced concrete construction or made of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements – designed for this particular kind of building industry. A 140 mm part of designed lintel should lean on supports, when the acceptable minimum of lintel’s leaning on is 90 mm.
*there is a possibility of producing lintels of 2710 mm and longer, depending on individual projects/orders;

Beams arrangement above internal walls’ openings.

Regardless of wall thickness, the L-19 lintels arrangement above the internal wall’s openings is as follows:

1.Edge lintels have to be laid with lower ledge inwards to keep an even wall surface and to avoid additional facing.
2.In the case of walls thicker than 19 cm, remaining lintels are set together with their middle parts.

L-19 Lintel

eos system

“L”-shaped reinforced concrete beams with base 120 mm wide (modular coordinated dimensions in accordance with NP/B-02352, NP/B-02355), designed for lintels construction above window and door openings.

Length of the L-19 lintel [m]
S Width of the base [mm] S1 Width of the wall [mm] H Total height [mm] H1 Height of the base [mm]
0,90-3,60 120 60 190 60

Other elements of eos system

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