EOS System

This revolutionary solution of Stropex
is the first complex ceiling system
created to fit installation on every
kind of wall. Faster and safe installation,
costs savings, proper rim creation
facilitating – these are only some of the
EOS system advantages.

EMO System

The first in Poland and in Europe
certified window and door joinery
installation in the energy-efficient and
passive system. EMO System eliminates
thermal bridges within the window area,
it also guarantees perfect acoustic
insulation and provides much more light
inside the building.

EVR System

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Energy-efficient installation system of ceilings enable achieving the best technical parameters which have a direct impact on inhabitants’ everyday comfort.
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Energy-saving installation of EMO windows by Stropex are solutions dedicated especially to energy-efficient houses.
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It is an energy-saving ventilation system, offering innovative ventilation devices with an extremely simple design and global potential.
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Stropex’s® solutions are dedicated for those who do not accept compromises.


Energy-efficient installation systems of windows and ceilings enable achieving the best technical parameters which have a direct impact on inhabitants’ everyday comfort.


more light
Let the light inside. In well-lit, bright rooms, we feel safe and comfortable - natural light has a great impact not only on our health and well-being, but also on the arrangement. Reflecting white and warming colors, sunlight optically enlarges the space and adds to its brilliance. EMO STROPEX systems in combination with a dedicated KZN lintel allow you to get up to 20% more light by increasing the glazing area in relation to the use of traditional lintels.


of warmth savings
Zero-energy construction poses many challenges for the contractor and investor. EMO STROPEX systems with a dedicated KZN lintel allow you to meet the high requirements of the standards. One of such points is the tightness of the connection between the window and the wall. Our solutions ensure tightness within the window frame in a simple and reliable way. The mechanical connection and gasket with a 25-year operating guarantee ensure tightness, and this is the basis for zero-energy houses.


shorter installation process
Energy-saving installation of EMO STROPEX windows means up to 30% shorter installation time, thanks to the use of proven and certified solutions. Installation of the window with thermo elements of the EMO system is intuitive, quick and guarantees proper mounting. Our offer includes URP Universal positioning spreader which we can call "intelligent wedge".


of satisfied customers
Join the group of satisfied customers of Stropex and take advantage of our solutions.

properties of our


Elimination of thermal bridges together with application of thermo-profiles guarantees perfect thermal insulation. Due to this result, our customers can enjoy warm interiors and measurable savings when looking at the energy bills. KZN lintel dedicated for roller shutters allows to enlarge window opening and to provide definitely more light to the interiors. The solutions of this system guaratee fast and economical installation – the time and money saved during window openings and ceilings creation can be then quickly used in further investment steps!

latest elements

of the system

KZN lintels

KZN lintels for INTERMO/INTEGRO concealed roller shutters together with THERMO-BEAM form a solution ensuring energy-efficiency and installation accuracy. Easy roller shutters’ installation in the insulation

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KZE® external rim-lintel profile

KZE® and KWE® rim-lintel profiles eliminate expensive and time-consuming process of rims development with decking on external walls.  KZE® external rim-lintel profile is ‘’L”-shaped in

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Ceiling beams’ reinforcement and additional reinforcement on the wall laid in the course of construction are determined in accordance with PN-B-03264:2002, with an outline assuming

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KSP Formwork Downstand Beam

Wall complementary element, covering wall holes of lenght from 1.02 m to 5.82 m. It requires additional reinforcement in accordance with building technical documentation.

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DomexDominik Pollok
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"Flexible approach to the window's installation with THERMO-BEAM enables application of perfect solution that meets the expectations of clients. Frame system excellently serves in the passive construction. It has a technical Approval, therefore betters other solutions available on the market."
Firma Baiński
Firma BaińskiPaweł Baiński
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"Innovative Easy-Click System ensures fast, easy, warm, and tight installation of installation profile and warm windowsill in different configurations within the window frame. EMO System in connection with high-quality window joinery ensures tightness, eliminates thermal bridges, and therefore provides high comfort of living for residents."
FenetraPiotr Majchrzak
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"From the installer's point of view, the profile system link what we have – installation anchors and installation simplicity, to the high tightness within the window perimeter. We recommend products of the Stropex company due to their high quality."
FinestraTomasz Rynowiecki
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"The systems proposed by the Stropex company are the answer for the raising expectations regarding installation of windows. The new solutions, having technical Approvals, enable installation of windows in compliance with norms which have been binding since 2017."
P.H.U. "KULIG"Rafał Kulig
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"I recommend Stropex Company from Pleszew as a solid, reliable and fully prepared for tasks realization. The experienced staff together with technical and organisational potential guarantees high level of service."


and honours