KWE® internal rim-lintel profile

Fitted to wall dimensions and ceiling height, permanent formwork enables efficient and safe rim finishing. Concrete-ceramsite reinforced KZE® and KWE® rim-lintel profiles can be applied in multi-rib joist ceilings (Teriva, Ceram, Fert, Porotherm, etc.), integrated reinforced concrete ceilings made of prefebricated reinforced concrete slabs (Filigran, 2K, PSKJ etc.), and reinforced hollow concrete slabs.
KWE® internal rim-lintel profile is ‘’channel”-shaped in cross-section and serves rim developments on internal walls.

Rim-lintel profiles application distributes the ceiling load evenly on the walls, what is essential in case of walls made of ceramic blocks and cellular concrete blocks. Moreover, rim-lintel profiles application solves the problem appearing during a lowered rim building, namely – there is no need of using the stanchions (whole ceiling bolting) in the course of bottom rim reinforcement under the ceiling creation.

Rim-lintels profiles application is economically and technologically rational (100 m2 of ceiling saved per 1 m3 of concrete). What is more, basing the joists with rim-lintel profiles support on the load-bearing walls enhances the aesthetic aspect of construction, because rim finishing together with these elements constitutes so-called permanent formwork.

Rim-lintel profiles application advantages:

  • universality – they may be used for ceiling rim development on both single- and multi-layered walls, regardless of the wall elements material,
  • safety during ceiling laying and outpouring,
  • proper rim building facilitation,
  • installation supports (bolting) elimination,
  • rim reinforcement length elimination,
  • even ceiling load on the walls,
  • rim aesthetic.

For rim-lintel profiles laying on the walls, there should be applied M10 cement mortar (meeting requirements of PN-EN 998-2:2004 standard). Mortar consistency, determined in concrete examinations, should be 6 ÷ 7 cm.


Reinforced-concrete, prefabricated rim-lintel profiles are registered at Patent Office of Poland. They have protection right for utility model no. 62190; registered industrial design no. 8788. KZE® trade mark no. Z.292430, KWE® trade mark no. Z.292431. Rim-lintel profiles have been registered as Community Trade Mark (TM) no. 004419685 at The Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante and are registered (patented) for the whole European Union area.
Rim-lintel profiles have Technical Recommendation of Institute of Buliding Technology (RT ITB-1058/2006) proving usefulness of their construction application and compliance with technical knowledge principles.

KWE® internal rim-lintel profile

KWE® internal rim-lintel profile is “channel”-shaped in cross-section and serves rim developments on internal walls.

DesignationWidth of the base (S)Length (L)Height (H)
KWE 180 18060070
KWE 24024060070
KWE 30030060070
KWE 36036060070

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