KSP Formwork Downstand Beam

KSP Formwork Downstand Beam application guidelines


In the purpose of basing the KSP formwork  downstand beam’s endings on the walls, there should be applied a cement mortar.


To create a downstand beam with application of KSP Formwork Downstand Beam, there should be applied a plain concrete, which is in compliance with following norms: PN-EN 206-1 and PN-B-06265, about project documentation’s respective characteristics.

Additional reinforcement

Downstand beam consists of KSP Formwork Downstand Beam together with a reinforcement made in compliance with project documentation. It is architect who decides about the downstand beam’s reinforcement. Thanks to the gouges in the inner side of the lintel, the KSP formwork downstand beam enables proper, concrete bonding reinforcement of a downstand beam.

Lintel elements lying

KSP Formwork downstand beam should be placed on the walls and columns with maintenance of the proper embedment depth (minimum 10 mm). The endings of the formwork elements should be based on the wall with application of the cement mortar. The thickness of mortar layer should not exceed 2 cm. In the course of laying, the formwork elements should be leveled.

Installation supports

Installation supports of the KSP Formwork downstand beam should be made before the ceiling lying.

  • from 0.90m to 1.80m – 1 installation support
  • from 2.10m to 3.60m – 2 installation supports
  • from 3.90m to 4.80m – 3 installation supports
  • from 5.10m to 6.00m – 4 installation supports

KSP Formwork Downstand Beam

Wall complementary element, covering wall holes of lenght from 1.02 m to 5.82 m. It requires additional reinforcement in accordance with building technical documentation.

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