12-hollow block

Thermal properties of Teriva 4,0/1 ceiling with 12-hollow block application

It is recommended to assume following values of ceiling structure’s thermal resistance (without finishing layers – bottom plaster, subfloors and floors) for thermal calculations of Teriva 4,0/1 with 12-hollow block application:

  • for thermal flow upwards: R = 0,56 m2K/W,
  • for thermal flow downwards: R = 0,65 m2K/W.

Thermal resistance calculation value of the structure of Teriva 4,0/1 ceiling with 12-hollow plain-concrete block application is the same for both upwards and downwards thermal flows and its value is R-0,37 m2K/W (according to study: Teriva Ceilings. Designing and constructing, 3rd edition. Zakład Elementów Konstrukcyjnych. Warsaw 2008).
By comparing ceiling’s thermal resistance values, it is possible to affirm, that in case of application of 12-hollow light-concrete block with density of value no more than 1200 kg/m3, the Teriva 4,0/1 ceiling’s thermal resistance will be increased by:

  • 51% – for thermal flow upwards,
  • 76% – for thermal flow downwards.

12-hollow block

Enhancement of Teriva 4,0/1 ceiling’s insulation due to application of made of light concrete 12-hollow block is essential in case of use above or below unheated rooms or in flat roofs.

BLOCK CODEHeight (H)Width [S] Length [L]
4,0/1 210 mm 240 mm 520 mm
4,0/2 260 mm 240 mm 520 mm
4,0/3 300 mm 240 mm 520 mm
6,0/8,0 300 mm 240 mm 370 mm

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