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Designers and Architects

EMO and EOS Systems enable meeting the chalenges faced by architects: combination of high aesthetics with excellent thermo-insulation parameters of buildings. You are welcome to cooperate with us! What can we provide you with?

  • product training courses,
  • technical support of advisors during project realisation,
  • presentations of your projects on our website,
  • files ready to use in AutoCAD and ArCADia systems.
  • Contractors

    Window and door installation innovative systems benefit not only investors, but also contractors: easy to use, very fast and failure-free installation makes the work easier and more effective than ever. The contractors cooperating with us are provided with:

  • installation courses (certificate at the end),
  • support of technical advisors during execution of the investment,
  • a clear list of files to download for different systems,
  • PDF files.
  • Wholesalers and other sales points

    Increasing awareness and expectations of investors and also the necessity of meeting more and more restrictive UE norms regarding thermo-insulation make Stropex’s innovative systems more desirable by designers, architects, contractors and private investors. We guarantee following benefits to wholesalers and other sales points cooperating with us:

  • product training courses for dealers,
  • set of attractive merchandising materials,
  • PDF files to download.
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