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KZN UNIVARSAL LINTEL COMPONENTS – length 0,90 – 3,60m, base 24cm

KZN® UNIVERSAL LINTEL COMPONENTS successfully replace all currently applied solutions called "combinations" e.g. traditional rod-reinforced lintels + brick laying + L type shuttering hollow blocks + works related to developing these components or currently applied L19 and other traditional lintels. It can be said that KZN® LINTELS  are three components in one.

Further more by now to achieve KZN® lintel effect it should be done quite complicated and time-consuming boarding and after removing boards, lintel required additional processing not to mention of aesthetics.


KZN® lintel components are designed for integrated reinforced concrete lintels development with possibility of additional reinforcement in lintel part filled with concrete on the site. Lintel then can be adapted to different loads occurring during operation of the construction object.

The outstanding quality of this solution is elimination the need of lintel boarding or its part. Prefabricated lintel components are at the same time the lost lintel boarding. After integration with monolithic concrete  they play also a construction role. Additionally automatically is achieved lowered rim which ensures even concentrated load-bearing.

KZN® universal components are applied in different material solutions first of all with brick walls. Especially useful with ceramic hollow blocks walls (including porous ones), concrete walls based on light aggregates and made of cellular concrete blocks ones. They are designed for integrated reinforced concrete lintels development  first of all on the level of multi-rib ceilings (e.g. CERAM, FERT, TERIVA types and the likes) , integrated slab ceilings (e.g. FILIGRAN, 2K, PSKJ types and the likes) and reinforced concrete hollow slab ones.

The advantages of these solutions are:

  • KZN® lintel base thickness calculated from ceiling downward is only 75mm!
  • double durability as much as the L-19 lintel types!
  • load-bearing lintel is not limited, in case of over-normative load-bearings it is determined by designer!
  • KZN® lintel component together with rim is the lintel,
  • possibility of lintel development on ceiling level and any other wall areas,
  • possibility of application with different load-bearing, thanks to additional reinforcement in monolithic part of the lintel,
  • time consuming and expensive boarding elimination,
  • in case of lintels developed on ceiling level the coordination with any ceiling components is ensured, lintel concreting is developed at the same time as ceiling concreting and ceiling rims,
  • ceiling and walls development time shorten,
  • ceiling is supported directly on lintels,
  • for the first time the lintel can be additionally insulated without anxiety of diminishing glazing surface,
  • perfect solution in case of roller-blind systems installation,
  • no stress in upper and lower corners of window recesses which eliminates cracks and scratches often occurring when applying traditional lintels,
  • aesthetic of lintel - rim.

We recommend KZN® universal lintel components installation

0,9 - 2,1m length components

2,4 - 3,6m length components

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KZN universal lintel component structure