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KZE external and KWE internal rim-lintel profiles

Note! Stropex Company as a licence holder informs that on the market have appeared similar rim-lintel profiles. Some of them are produced and sold without our permit as a legal owner of its property rights as a functional pattern. The quality of the mentioned above profiles due to omitting precise determined technological processes are POOR! In connection of this fact we recommend to ask the seller to show the compliance declaration  each time you buy the product.

As a supplementation of this note published some time ago on KONBET Sp. z o.o. Company website (,1598.html) we wish to inform that on June 8, 2010 Warsaw Administrative Court ruled the sentence dismissing complaint of Konbet Sp. z o.o. Company based in Konarzyce on Patent Office RP issued on December 3, 2009 concerning annul of property rights Ru 62190 called "Construction profile of joist supporting of interior wall", become legally binding on August 21, 2010.


Kształtki nadprożowo-wieńcoweKZE® and KWE® profiles, designed to wall dimensions and height ceiling is the lost shuttering, allowing for efficient and safe rim development. Concrete-keramsite KZE® i KWE® reinforced concrete rim profiles can be applied both in multi-rib joist ceilings (e.g. Teriva, Ceram, Fert, Porotherm and the likes.) and integrated reinforced concrete ceilings made of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs (e.g. Filigran, 2K, PSKJ and the likes.) and reinforced hollow concrete slabs. KZE® external profile designed for rims development on the external walls with "L" cross-section and KWE® one designed for rim development on internal walls with "channel" cross-section.

KZE® and KWE® rim-lintel profiles eliminate time-consuming process of rim development on external walls with boarding application while doing slab or multi-rib ceilings. Their application ensure even load-bearing layout on the wall through ceiling which is important first of all in case of walls made of ceramic hollow blocks and cellular concrete ones. Further more these profiles resolve problems which occur during lower ceiling rim development that is while rim lower reinforcement below ceiling there is no need to pit props application that is the whole ceiling bolting.


Rim-lintel profile structure

U-KWE profile structure


KZE® i KWE® rim-lintel profiles

  • For ceiling rim development on one and multi-layer walls regardless the material of which the wall components are made.
  • Safety during installation and ceiling outpouring.
  • Rim and ceiling installation time shorten
  • Proper rim development.
  • Time-consuming of shuttering or rim facing elimination.
  • Outermost supports installation elimination.
  • Rim reinforcement span elimination.
  • Even load-bearing layout carried from ceiling onto the wall.
  • Each time possibilities of lowered rim development without ceiling bolting (lowered rim is recommended by most wall components' producers).
  • Out of the wall core installation possibilities without profile construction interference.
  • Remarkable financial savings* and aesthetic way of rim development..
    * as an example with 100m2 ceiling can be saved 1m3 of concrete !!

According to the rules of ceiling designing on its outermost edges, on construction walls and parallel ones to the joists should be developed reinforced concrete rims in ceiling level. Rims reinforcement should  consists of at least three rods (four rods application is recommend) with 10 mm diameter and shackle bolts with 4,5 mm diameter and they should be laid out every 250 mm. Rims reinforcement design should be done in such a way so that upper longitudinal rods can be placed about 30 mm below upper ceiling surface. It will enable the supporting reinforcement layout and its proper concrete facing.

Taking into account all technological information and meeting client's requirements we have created Rim Profiles* that is prefabricated reinforced concrete components of which applying is both economically and technologically confirmed. Their application allows in simple way realization of all design-construction assumptions which saves time and means. Further more supporting ceiling joists on load-bearing walls by means of our profiles makes the construction more aesthetic because rims development with our components is so called lost shuttering.

Ceiling support on load-bearing walls by means of Rim Profiles - a) and b) on external wall, c) on internal wall

Profiles dimensions

-U-KWE Profile

No. Mark Base width Profile height Profile length
1 U-KWE-180 180 310 600
1 U-KWE-240 240 310 600


Kształtka zewnętrzna KZE

B = b = 600 mm, C = c = 70mm
No. Mark Base width (A) Profile height (H) Ceiling height Rim shackle bolt dimension
a x b
1 KZE® L-180 H-410 180 410 340 60x330 600 70
2 KZE® L-180 H-370 370 300 60x290
3 KZE® L-180 H-310 310 240 60x230
4 KZE® L-180 H-290 290 220  
5 KZE® L-180 H-270 270 200  
6 KZE® L-180 H-250 250 180  
7 KZE® L-180 H-230 230 160  
8 KZE® L-240 H-410 240 410 340 120x330
9 KZE® L-240 H-370 370 300 120x290
10 KZE® L-240 H-310 310 240 120x230
11 KZE® L-240 H-290 290 220  
12 KZE® L-240 H-270 270 200  
13 KZE® L-240 H-250 250 180  
14 KZE® L-240 H-230 230 160  
15 KZE® L-300 H-410 300 410 340 180x330
16 KZE® L-300 H-370 370 300 180x290
17 KZE® L-300 H-310 310 240 180x230
18 KZE® L-300 H-290 290 220  
19 KZE® L-300 H-270 270 200  
20 KZE® L-300 H-250 250 180  
21 KZE® L-300 H-230 230 160  
22 KZE® L-360 H-410 360 410 340 240x330
23 KZE® L-360 H-370 370 300 240x290
24 KZE® L-360 H-310 310 240 240x230
25 KZE® L-360 H-290 290 220  
26 KZE® L-360 H-270 270 200  
27 KZE® L-360 H-250 250 180  
28 KZE® L-360 H-230 230 160  


Kształtka wewnętrzna KWE

No. Mark Base width (a) b c
1 KWE® L-180 180 600 70
2 KWE® L-240 240
3 KWE® L-300 300
4 KWE® L-360 360



For rim components development on the walls should be applied M10 cement mortar, meeting requirements of PN-EN 998-2:2004 norm. Mortar consistency determine by cone method should be 6 ÷ 7 cm.

Information – Reinforced concrete prefabricated rim profiles are reserved by Patent Office RP, They have property rights of functional pattern No 62190; registered industrial pattern No 8788. Trade mark KZE® No Z.292430, KWE® No Z.292431. They were registered as Mutual Trade Mark (TM) No 004419685 in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market OHIM in Alicante and are reserved in all EU countries.

Rim-lintel profiles have technical recommendation of Construction Technology Institute (RT ITB-1058/2006) confirming their useful application in construction industry and compliance with technical knowledge.