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System Stropex
System Stropex

Stropex Ceiling System

Supplementing Teriva technology with innovative rim development component allows for applying our ceiling system with one an multi-layer walls regardless the material from which they are made.

The revolutionary solution with self-consolidating concrete technology is made in accordance with registered P.385211 invention, KZE® and KWE® reinforced concrete rim profiles, ensures safety during installation and ceiling outpouring, shortens the time and simplify rim installation through time-consuming and expensive shuttering and rim brick facing elimination.

Besides our ceiling system allows to eliminate outermost installation supports and the rim reinforcement span, enabling each time performance of lowered rim without ceiling bolting and guarantees even load-bearing layout carried from ceiling onto the wall. It is very important that rim profile construction assumes possibility of making an opening in its underside part and if required core installing out of the wall (steel rods).

The complete Stropex Ceiling System based on rim-lintel profiles and Teriva multi-rib ceiling.

Rim-lintel profiles + hollow core slabs

Ceiling with filigree slab